Our Leadership in Market Research

As the world's leading provider of survey and reporting software for the MR industry, we are dedicated to serving the needs of research companies and departments and to working with them to continually develop our offerings.

Making Research Count

As the industry evolves, we work hard to help our clients stay ahead. That's why Confirmit is the most trusted technology partner for MR agencies in the world, powering new ways of delivering value and results to their customers.

The Engine of Market Research

  • Supporting the Research Industry

    We are active supporters of the MR community at national and global levels. In addition to involvement in industry events and programs, many of our team are members of professional organizations in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. This ensures we keep pace with—and help drive—industry change.

  • Supporting Your Business

    Our longevity in providing MR software and services enables us to understand the specific needs of your company. As a result, we provide solutions that streamline your processes and help you deliver maximum value to your customers.

  • Driving Results for Your Customers

    We understand that MR companies are under constant pressure to deliver results in the most cost-effective way. Because our platform spans the entire survey project lifecycle, we can drive efficiencies, cost-savings, and quality throughout the entire course of your programs.

The Confirmit Platform

  • Embracing New Technologies

    The past five years have seen the launch of a wealth of new technologies that are changing the way Market Researchers work. With the largest R&D team in the industry, Confirmit is ideally placed to take advantage of these new technologies and integrate them with our platform, providing you with the most advanced solutions for modern research programs.

  • An End-to-End Solution

    Our Confirmit Horizons platform supports the research project lifecycle from survey creation to results delivery, enabling you to take advantage of the most complete, feature-rich, and robust MR software available today.

  • Proven Scalability

    We are uniquely able to support hundreds, thousands, or millions of respondents thanks to the scalability of our platform.

  • Support for All Data Collection Methods

    Confirmit Horizons is a true multi-mode platform, allowing you to develop surveys that appeal to more respondents and give them maximum choice and accessibility.