Confirmit Voices™: A Voice of the Customer Engagement Model

Effective Customer Experience Management drives business performance, and a comprehensive Voice of the Customer program provides insight that enables you to increase revenue, reduce costs and promote culture change.

What is Confirmit Voices?

Confirmit Voices is a customer engagement model that gives you the power to listen to the Voice of the Customer, integrate it with existing data to generate powerful insight, and take action that will deliver real business change.

Confirmit Voices uses multi-channel data collection that gives you the power to listen to the Voice of the Customer at every key touchpoint.

We bring customer insight alive by incorporating financial and operational data, as well as rich media such as photos and video.

How do we Work with You?

Confirmit Voices is a highly flexible solution, so you can decide how we work with you. We use a modular methodology which provides the flexibility and capability to future-proof your program.

The Confirmit Voices Engagement Model


Building Your Voice of the Customer Program:The stages of Confirmit Voices are designed to ensure your VoC program delivers the insight you need to build strong customer experiences, create competitive advantage and generate ROI.

  • Define

    Your VoC program is aligned to your overall business issues, to create clear objectives and success criteria and to map your customer journey.

  • Design

    Your program is designed to deliver both tactical and strategic benefits - mapped to your key objectives.

  • Listen

    Our solution provides multi-channel data collection so your customers can provide feedback in the way that suits them, driving high response rates and greater insight.

  • Analyze

    Advanced analysis of your feedback, including structured and unstructured data, so you can improve business results and create a clear view of issues you need to address.

  • Act

    Actionable insight that enables you to work quickly to resolve individual customer issues, through an automated closed-loop alerting system.

    We'll also help you to review and redefine your goals to ensure that your Voice of the Customer program continues to deliver value in the long term.