Voice of the Employee Solutions

Capturing the Voice of the Employee is about more than knowing if your people are happy—it's crucial in identifying where to invest in your business to drive revenue.

Tuning in to the Voice of the Employee

Confirmit enables you to build a VoE program that delivers real, actionable insight and understand how your employees drive customer engagement at every point of the business.

  • Create a program that meets your company's needs, using whatever engagement methodology works for you.

  • Integrate data from employee feedback surveys with other business and employee information to create a 360 degree view of your employees.

  • Reduce costs by sharing live, interactive reports with HR teams, managers and other key stakeholders automatically.

  • Use the Voice of the Employee to provide a frontline view of your customer experiences.

Turn Voice of the Employee Into Actionable Insight

Use employee insight to drive smarter investments, boost customer loyalty, and increase revenue—by understanding what makes employees tick and through their insights about your customers.

  • Deliver flexible reports to different stakeholders so they can make decisions based on the data that matters to them.

  • Refine processes by using feedback from frontline employees who see first-hand which practices damage customer satisfaction. Use that knowledge to streamline and simplify internal operations.

  • Drive cultural change with employee engagement surveys that regularly ask employees for their input into how the company can better serve its customers and strengthen competitive advantage.

  • Correlate customer engagement and employee engagement so you can understand where to invest in your people to maximize ROI.

The Most Flexible, Robust VoE Solution Available

  • Hierarchical Reporting: From a single master report, share tailored reporting dashboards that put insight in the hands of key stakeholders.

  • Advanced Analytical Tools: You can correlate employee engagement with customer loyalty, helping you to identify which parts of the business really hold the key to growth.

  • Multichannel Feedback: Whether your employees are office-based, field-based, local, or spread across the world, Confirmit's range of feedback channels means no voice should go unheard.

  • Integration: Combine data from a range of other sources - CRM, ERP, benchmarks - with employee and customer feedback to provide context that turns feedback into insight that drives change.