Multi-Channel Market Research

Confirmit provides all that Market Research agencies and in-house research teams need to provide an end-to-end service to customers and streamline internal processes for efficiency and cost-savings.

The Engine of Market Research

Confirmit is the world's leading provider of survey and reporting software, meaning you get the most complete and robust platform available.

  • Benefit from a solution that has been evaluated and proven by specialists in leading MR organizations worldwide.

  • Experience excellent Return on Investment through cost reductions in the survey process, enhanced customer relationships, more accurate results and faster project turnaround.

  • Manage every step of the research lifecycle from survey creation and panel management to data collection, manipulation, analysis and reporting—all in one place.

  • Trust a multi-channel platform that is built on decades of industry experience, yet pushes the boundaries of technology thanks to the largest investment in R&D in the industry.

Research as a Driver for Voice of the Customer

Market Research forms an essential part of any Voice of the Customer program by providing the depth of insight required to truly understand customers' attitudes and behaviors.

  • Incorporate new techniques, such as text analytics and mobile engagement, into your wider research programs to provide a much deeper view of the customer.

  • Extend the reach of your research studies by integrating them with CRM, HR, sales, and other systems to provide holistic reporting for Voice of the Customer and feedback programs.

  • Centralize all the data you gather, enabling you to analyze it in a wider context, identify relevant insights, and deliver useful business information to your end customer.

  • Deliver value through the ability to provide timely, accurate, and detailed understanding of customers to those who are able to act upon results.

Confirmit Horizons Delivers

  • Survey Design: Create custom and branded surveys from the simplest to the most complex using multiple channels including web, email, mobile, SMS, IVR, face-to-face, and paper.

  • Data Collection: Use multiple channels to encourage participant engagement and reach more respondents. Collect feedback from all the channels you use into a single system for a unified view of results.

  • Reporting: Deliver actionable insight to those who need it. Drill down into all the feedback you collect, whether structured or unstructured, and provide reports tailored to the individuals receiving them.

  • Panel Management: Manage your panels efficiently and productively to increase participation and deliver accurate and representative feedback.