Confirmit Integrasco

Integrasco’s solutions enable blue-chip brands to measure how they’re perceived in social media and understand how best to engage with customers. We mix world-leading technology with expert data interpretation and strategic implementation. Combine this insight with your wider Confirmit feedback and research programs to deliver category-specific insights and create real competitive advantage.

Social Media Monitoring

Use Social Media to detect customer issues as they break to improve products and services, manage potential brand damage, and avoid costs. We go way beyond simple Social Media reporting to empower you to understand what really drives your customers and how this impacts your brand.

Text Analytics

Extract commercial value from unstructured text. Our solutions enable you to mine unstructured text for analytical insights. Your text can be retrieved from a range of customer systems, as well as your existing Confirmit feedback and research programs. Use this insight to identify key issues and trends from all your different channels and geographies.