Text Analytics

Around 80% of enterprise-relevant information originates from text-based, unstructured sources. Keeping track of this, and extracting useful customer experience information from it, is a growing challenge for many businesses.

Gain Deep Customer Insight

Using Confirmit’s range of Text Analytics solutions, you can make full use of all the unstructured data you gather, while producing measurable ROI. As well as our own solution, Confirmit partners with a number of Text Analytics providers so you can choose the solution that best meets your needs.


Confirmit Genius Analytics enables you to extract commercial value from unstructured text.

Gain new insights by mining unstructured text from a range of sources, including survey responses, CRM platforms and more. Use this data to identify key issues and trends and correlate to other internal and external data sources.


Why Text Analytics?

Automated measurement is the only way to deal with the variety, volume, and speed of text-based feedback.


While textual data sources provide rich customer insight, they are often considered too complicated, costly, or time-consuming to analyze.

Confirmit Genius Analytics removes the complexity involved in analyzing unstructured data through effective, automated analysis of unstructured feedback and verbatim survey comments.


Confirmit Genius Analytics delivers high-quality analysis that helps you understand how your customers think and feel about your business.

Utilize this insight to help you detect and manage issues before they become problems, and run product and brand tracking programs that drive decision-making.

The Confirmit Difference

Confirmit’s flexible Text Analytics solutions enable you to:

Respond to Customers in Real Time: Drill down into chosen sentiments or categories to drive action.

Integrate for clearer insight: Correlate to other internal and external data sources to build a more detailed picture.

Identify key issues and trends: Focus on what matters across different channels and geographies.

Drive Organizational Change: Thanks to the detailed insight that text analytics contributes to your Voice of the Customer program.