Feedback and Data Collection

Collecting accurate and timely feedback, whether from customers, employees, partners, or other stakeholders, relies on being able to engage your audiences in the right way. Confirmit's range of data collection and feedback management solutions allows you to talk to different target groups using the channels that suit them best, enabling you to maximize response rates and provide a positive respondent experience.

Multi-channel VoC and Research Programs

With Confirmit, you can use any single or combination of channels to gather feedback and market research data. Use the web, email, IVR, SMS, mobile, telephone, or paper to capture responses and gather them into a single system for analysis.


Run any type of feedback campaign, from short tactical surveys or polls to sophisticated long-term market studies.

Include logic and routing to direct respondents to the most appropriate questions, avoiding survey fatigue and eliciting the highest quality feedback.


Generate automatic invitations to complete feedback surveys, for example after an interaction with your contact center or a website purchase.

This enables you to gather feedback at the point of experience and link it directly to different areas of your business to identify process improvements.

Gather Accurate, High Quality Insight

Using a combination of channels, you can gather both in-the-moment feedback and longer-term insight, giving you a more complete view of your business.


Integrate your survey and feedback programs with other customer-related systems to add context to your results.

For example, combining CRM data with your feedback programs allows you to personalize your surveys and understand the context of each response.


Rely on Confirmit's scalability to support dispersed teams and multiple contact centers.

Whether your research or insight teams are based within your headquarters, at regional operations, or at home, the centralized nature of Confirmit ensures consistency across geographically diverse operations.

The Confirmit Difference

Confirmit provides you with the most complete multi-channel feedback and data collection tools, delivering:


Faster Set-up Times: Get your Voice of the Customer, Employee Engagement or Market Research programs set up quickly, thanks to repeatability of tasks.

Better Engagement and Insight: Offering multiple feedback channels increases the quality and quantity of responses you collect.

Automate Quota limits in a single location

Higher Productivity: Using a range of automated processes frees up your time to focus on the end results of your programs.

Centralized Control: Whichever channels you use for feedback and data collection, our single-system approach ensures that data and all administrative processes are centralized for effective management.