Employee Engagement

An engaged workforce is at the heart of an engaged customer base. You need your employees—whether frontline, back office, or field-based—to understand your customers' needs and have the skills and tools to satisfy those needs.

Employee Engagement needs to deliver results

Engaging your workforce is about more than retaining employees and reducing costs. You can drive smarter investments, boost customer loyalty, and increase revenue by understanding what makes employees tick—and by harnessing their insights about your customers.

How Employee Engagement Helps Your Business

  • Correlate Employee Engagement with Customer Engagement

    Understand how your employees impact the customer experience. It's not just the frontline staff who generates those experiences, it's every member of your team.

  • Identify Investment Opportunities

    Combine insights from customer feedback and employee feedback surveys to create a clear picture of how you can invest in your people to generate real ROI.

  • Use the Methodology of your Choice

    Whether you choose to run a single, large employee feedback survey, regular pulse surveys, or both, you can create the best solution to support your business.

Powerful Employee Engagement Solutions

  • Advanced Analysis

    Confirmit's analytical capabilities, including dashboards and regression analysis, enable you to correlate customer and employee feedback to drive clear investment decisions, from training requirements to process improvements.

  • Tailored Reporting

    Share tailored reports across regions, provide department heads with insights into how they can improve their teams, and give your HR function a big-picture view. Individuals can focus on the relevant feedback data so they can take action.