Break Out of the Box!

Customer Experience teams need a range of skills to help them make a difference across the business. We can no longer be seen as “the insights people” or “the survey team”.

We have to break out of the box and do something new! To do that, you need to be part of a cool gang of CX practitioners and there are some key skills you need to do that. Check out our resources below, take our survey to uncover your CX Codename, and sign up for our webinar series to help take your CX skills to the next level.

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The Skills Revolution

Our latest state of the nation survey suggests that CX programs are struggling to make an impact on the business. This can’t go on. It’s time for a CX revolution. But what will it? Like any revolution – it’s about people. In this webinar, we share the results of the new research, and highlight ways for CX professionals to really make their mark, break out of the box, and drive real business change.

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Learn your CX Codename!

CX teams need a range of skills to help them make a difference across the business. We have to break out of the box and do something new! To do that, you need to be part of a cool gang of CX practitioners and you need to understand what your key skill is. What’s your top skill? Take our survey and find out!

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Beat the CX Slump

The gulf between CX programs that are delivering on the promise of business success and those that remain just a "feedback program" is getting wider. If you ever wanted to differentiate yourself on experience, the time is now! We surveyed over 800 CX professionals to understand what drives success, where their challenges lie, and which skills they are refining to help secure the future of their programs. Take a look now and start planning your CX revolution.

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Nudge for Success

Are you surprised that your CX program is not delivering the results you are expecting? Is it struggling to drive sustainable change? Despite the comprehensive feedback your program has collected. Despite the advanced analytics identifying priorities for action. Despite dashboards, reports and alerts communicating the need for change, why do our programs struggle to continue to deliver true business results? Our CX Nudge white paper will help you to identify and profile the style of the function or group to help you find the approach that will work for your business.

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Business Acumen Webinar

Customer experience doesn’t sit in a vacuum. To succeed, it needs to be a living part of the wider organization – and that means you need some serious business acumen. You need to understand what delivers results, and how to make that happen.
In this webinar, we’ll explore how you can understand the issues that cause roadblocks, pre-empt objections and speak the language of the wider business to gain buy-in and seek suitable alternatives.  

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Analytics Webinar

There’s more to customer experience than analytics – but it’s a great place to start! With the ever-growing data mountain that encompasses most corporations, it’s imperative to have an analyst on the team.
In this webinar, we’ll look at the critical role of an analytical mind in CX. We will help you to brush up on your skills, make some additions to your toolkit, and provide the insight that links CX to Return on Investment so you can secure the future of your program.

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Execution Webinar

Gathering data, churning out insight and coming up with grand plans is all very well but eventually, someone has got to make something happen. You need a design thinker who not only understands the intended impact of CX, but knows how to find creative ways to address business challenges.
In this webinar, we’ll talk through some of the ways in which you can not only see the end goal, but identify the steps you need to take to reach it.

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Influencing Webinar

Shocking though it might be, few people were ever really persuaded to make a decision by a change in NPS score. Which means that to get people across the business on board, someone on the CX team needs to have some serious influencing skills.
In this webinar, we’ll give you some guidance on how to take insight and weave it into a vision that inspires people to want to do something differently.

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