Confirmit VoC ROI Calculator

Measure the Potential ROI of Your VoC Program

A VoC program can have a measurable financial impact on your business by enabling improvements in key metrics such as customer churn, customer spend, and the cost of customer service.

Build a solid business case by using the ROI calculator provided below to calculate the potential benefit of implementing a VoC program in your organization.

To measure your expected benefits, populate the tool with your company's current CX data points. The tool then calculates the expected return on investment and produces a custom report based upon the calculations by metric.

Current Company Data

Number of Customers
Average Customer Spend
% of Promoters (if unknown assume 20%)
50 %

Expected CX Benefit Areas

Reduced Churn
Customer Churn
10 %
More Spending
Promoter Spend
80 %
Positive Word of Mouth
Social Media Use in Your Market
Customer Service Calls To Contact Center
Reduction in Calls
-2 %
Cost of a Call
Number of Complaints
Reduction in Complaints
-2 %
Cost of Handling a Complaint

Total Benefits $259,500


Benefits By Value Driver

  Reduced Churn $30,000
  More Spending $160,000
  Positive Word of Mouth $37,500
  Cost to Serve $20,000
  Customer Service Complaints $12,000

Get the Report

In this custom document you'll see the monetary value of improved CX results based upon your specific business data points. You'll gain insights into the benefits of a successful VoC program, and gain a set of concrete ROI numbers for planning purposes. You can then use these results to set priorities and gain consensus among various stakeholders in your organization.

Get an ROI Consultation

We realize that every business case is unique. That's why in addition to the ROI calculator featured here, we also offer a more comprehensive tool to measure the ROI of improving a wide range of CX metrics while working in conjunction with a Confirmit VoC expert.

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