Employee Engagement Study: How VoE Affects Customer Experience

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Confirmit Team

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Voice of the Employee: A Global Study Examining the Essential Role of Employee Voice in CX

Customer feedback has long been used by organisations as a way of surfacing insights to help them refine and improve their support, services and products. Whether by way of surveys, focus groups, social media or a combination thereof, customer feedback has long provided a rich vein of information to mine.


And as customer experience has become an increasingly significant competitive differentiator, so these insights have become more valuable. But there is another similarly important source of business insight also on the doorstep of organisations – their employees.

Bridging the gap between Voice of the Customer (VoC) programmes that collect customer feedback, and employee engagement surveys that collect insights into job engagement, Voice of the Customer through the Employee / Voice of the Employee (VoE) programmes collect staff feedback to obtain business insights from informed members of frontline teams. Employees, particularly those on the frontline of customer contact, provide first-hand understanding of the goals that customers want to achieve, the challenges that they face, and the emotions that they feel. They can qualify what customer feedback is telling the organisation, but also provide a different perspective on where things are going wrong.

MyCustomer and Confirmit's new research report hones in on some key areas of Voice of the Employee programs and their link to Customer Experience, unearthing findings around:

  •          Which department most commonly owns VoE programs – and who has ownership of the high-performing programs. What tools and technologies are most commonly used by practitioners – and which are being used by high-performers
  •          How often VoE insights are collected, and how that data is used, and what the practices are of those with high-performing programs
  •          What the biggest obstacles to VoE adoption are
  •          Download now for the full research analysis and to benchmark how your own Voice of the Employee program compares with global practices

Organizations need to ask themselves: how do we give our employees a voice? While it is commonplace for organizations to conduct employee surveys as a vehicle to raise employee engagement, collecting staff feedback to use for business insight, is less common. The findings in this research report suggest that in many cases this is a result of a lack of understanding about the value of employee feedback.

Our research shows that nearly two-thirds of businesses still do not have a structured Voice of the Employee program in place! Download the report to understand how your company compares to other businesses and to pick up some great guidance on how the Voice of the Employee has become a critical part of the overall customer experience.


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