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Confirmit Employee Pulse fact sheet

Confirmit Employee Pulse empowers every part of your business to quickly collect the insights they need, when they need them. Configured according to rules that you define, it is the pulse survey module of Confirmit Employee Voices, the Continuous Listening suite that enables you to run any type of employee feedback program for a full picture of your business:

  • Pulse and Annual Engagement surveys that measure your company’s overall organizational health
  • Team programs that measure department or team effectiveness
  • On-demand surveys enabling managers and divisions to get feedback on-demand, reacting to situations as they occur



How Can Employee Pulse Help My Business?

Confirmit Employee Pulse puts the power of on-demand insight into the hands of your managers or central HR team. Your team can easily set up their own pulse survey by simply selecting from libraries of pre-approved questions, and following simple steps.

  • Governance & Guidance: Empowerment is key, but too much autonomy can lead to questionable data and over-surveying of your workforce. That’s why Confirmit Agile Pulse lets you choose how much flexibility to offer your teams, with the option to specify mandatory and optional survey content within your survey templates. Organizations typically take one of these three approaches to running their continuous listening programs, all supported by Confirmit.
  • Team Engagement: Leading organizations now are moving towards team-centric models, where people come together and then disband as initiatives come and go. In fact, only 14% of executives believe that traditional hierarchical organizational models make them highly effective. The way to enable highly effective teams is to build a culture that not only expects, but thrives on feedback and input. Confirmit Agile Pulse provides the model and framework for enabling this in a structured and empowered way.
  • Automation: Easily set up your desired survey schedule. No training is required, and our system handles all of the email notifications and reminders effortlessly.

What are the key features of Confirmit Employee Pulse?

  • Hierarchy Management & Integration: Confirmit’s powerful, yet easy-to-use interface lets team members collaborate on defining the structure of your organization. This ultimately allows managers to uncover insights relating to their part of the business. And by integrating with your HRIS system, your programs will have the context that they need to connect with the right people and delve deep into your different populations, regardless of how they are grouped. Our largest clients store information for over 1.3 million employees.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Confirmit offers exceptional reporting capabilities, with the ability to combine data from multiple sources and deliver live, tailored dashboards to managers around the world, while enabling you to dig deeper into the data when you need to; using statistics to cut through the clutter and find the real insights in your data. 
  • Mobile-Friendly: Our software ensures every employee can be reached, tailoring the survey experience to every screen size and giving business users access to reporting at any time on any device.
  • Insights from Unstructured Feedback: Dive deeper into unstructured feedback with our advanced text analytics engine, Confirmit Genius™. Using deep learning technology, Genius draws smarter insight

Download the following factsheet for information about Confimit Employee Pulse.