W5: Helping eir Large Business to put B2B customers first

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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The CX program created by W5 for eir Large Business has identified key customer challenges, enabling the company to build improvement initiatives to retain clients.

W5 is Ireland’s first ‘full-service’ Customer Experience (CX) consultancy, focused on enabling customers to develop excellent customer experiences that distinguish their brand and grow their business. In 2014, eir Large Business partnered with W5 to develop a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program that has enabled eir Business to research, create and promote a strong customer-centric strategy for the organization.



The program has delivered true business benefits to eir Large Business. It has helped identify two key challenges for customers, enabling the company to develop improvement initiatives to retain large B2B clients.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • How W5 worked with eir Large Business to build a multi-touchpoint program to capture feedback at critical points in the customer lifecycle.
  • That live dashboards, via Confirmit Reportal, play a critical role in bringing the Voice of the Customer to stakeholders from the exec team to the front line.
  • How the program has deliver cost reduction, revenue increase and culture change to eir Large Business, delivering clear ROI.

Success and Results

The VoC program has enabled eir Large Business to increase revenue, reduce costs and exceed its own customer satisfaction targets.

Revenue Increase 

The churn rate for Voice and Broadband services has been reduced by 1.5% and 0.5% respectively. This has meant that eir Large Business has achieved annual revenue savings of around €624k. Furthermore, significant net growth in Mobile and Data connections was achieved through improving the onboarding process and reducing churn through improved service management.

Cost reduction

The insight from the transactional NPS surveys indicated that customers thought that the organization had too many handover points and that its processes were too complex in the Customer Response Center. A series of initiatives - including process improvements, the up-skilling and merger of the tier one and tier two support teams, the simplification of all customer journeys and the re-assignment of staff members to other areas - delivered overall annualized cost savings of €2m in 2016 in the service center whilst simultaneously improving transactional customer experience metrics.

Customer satisfaction improved

NPS increased by 24 NPS points from -7 to +17 from January to December 2016. NPS has increased by 43 NPS points since the beginning of the program in February 2015 (from -26 in February 2015 to +17 in December 2016), well in excess of target. The customer insight received has allowed eir Large Business to introduce a series of initiatives that have addressed the key drivers of customer satisfaction as measured and stipulated in the Voice of the Customer Transactional Program.