Thank You, Next: Employee Ghosting

Holly Carter

Holly Carter

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Employee Ghosting the growing trend

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen an alarming number of articles talking about a new trend, particularly among millennials. In homage to our millennial friends, I’d like to “spill the tea” (talk about it millennial style). So read on, this blog post gonna be lit!

OMG, I can’t even… Literally every media outlet is buzzing about a new trend of employees ghosting their employers. For those who aren’t in the know, this means that employees legit stop showing up for work and returning calls from their employers. Experts say this trend has been enabled by a job market that is hot AF.

Employee ghosting has a lot of employers totally shook! After all the time and effort a company spends recruiting and training employees, having them disappear on you is literally painful. While the hot job market is a nice little something we can blame for this trend, the truth is the job market is simply giving employees an easy out! Clearly they wanted to leave! The question is why? I think we need to dig deeper and explore why an employee ghosts.

Oftentimes, employers legit think they are employees’ bae. In the interview process, employers say their company is totally on fleek. But when the employee starts working, they find the company is basic and the employee feels like they’ve been catfished. Still today, many employers act as if staff should be grateful for having a job, regardless of the company culture or how they are treated. That way of thinking is sooooo 2007! TBH, it’s time to century up! Employees today expect more.

Employees, especially millennials, expect a positive work environment that will let them flourish and grow. They want their employers to really care if they are happy. They want work/life balance. They want fair treatment despite their age. Furthermore, this is a generation that wants their opinions and ideas heard. And if your business can’t deliver on these requirements, employees will be quick to say “Thank you, next!”

Woke companies ask employees for feedback at every stage of the employee lifecycle. These companies don’t keep employee concerns on the low key either! Rather, they communicate and strive to take action on employees’ feedback in an effort to continuously improve the work environment so employees want to stay, want to work, and want to give it their all. While this concept is important for all staff members, it is particularly important for those employees who are so extra, really slaying the job! Want proof?

According to SHRM, the total cost associated with turnover is expensive AF. It goes beyond the cost of recruitment to include lost productivity, training time, and negative cultural impact, just to name a few. This can amount to a whopping 90-200% of the employee’s annual salary. That’s literally massive!

This employee ghosting trend is bad for the bottom line and employees shouldn’t be doing it but it is today’s reality. Perhaps we need to step back and consider what employers can do to swing the pendulum back in their favor. IMO, if you collect employee feedback regularly – check your employees’ pulse, ask employees how things are going, and strive to fix the problems - maybe we could get ahead of this ghosting problem.