Benefits of Employee Feedback & How Confirmit's Software Can Help

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Confirmit's 360 Degree Employee Feedback Solutions

What is 360 Degree Feedback?

360-degree or multi-source feedback comes from members of an employee’s immediate work circle. Typically, this includes direct feedback from an employee’s subordinates, peers, and managers, as well as a self-evaluation. It can also include feedback from external sources, such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders.


Why 360 Degree Feedback?

Successfully engaging your employees so they perform at their best depends on listening to them. More importantly, it depends on providing meaningful opportunities for them to learn about their strengths and areas for improvement. Not just once a year during reviews, and not just about their own position. Thriving businesses today need to develop Voice of the Employee programs that enable employees to provide feedback and benefit from their peers’ perspectives, as well as managers, direct-reports and other business partners. 360 feedback programs are one of the best mechanisms for providing a holistic view on an individual’s performance and are a powerful tool for career development, as well as strengthening corporate culture by treating all employees equally and encouraging positive competition.

It’s no wonder they have become a critical success factor in driving business success. Building such a program requires high levels of flexibility and scalability – and many prepackaged solutions simply don’t provide this effectively. Confirmit’s solutions for 360 feedback empower you to build programs that are exactly customized to your business requirements and deliver insights that will drive your employees – and organization forward.

What are the benefits of using Confirmit Horizons for 360 Degree Feedback?

  • Incredibly Flexible: Confirmit’s solutions for 360 feedback are built on Confirmit Horizons, the world’s leading software for Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee, and Market Research. We cover every question type imaginable, and provide the ability to build – and adapt to – the most sophisticated company hierarchies. As your company evolves, your 360 program can match your pace, and our hybrid approach means that you can run the entire program yourself, or take advantage of expert consulting if you need to.
  • Highly Scalable: Regardless of the size of your business, Confirmit can support your employee engagement program. We have experience of creating 360 feedback solutions for companies of over 50,000 employees so you’re safe in the knowledge that however your business grows – you won’t outgrow your Voice of the Employee solution. Our hierarchy building methodology ensures that your feedback program can accurately align to your organizational structure and can be adapted as your business evolves and grows.
  • Single Solution for all your Voice of the Employee Programs: Your 360 feedback program is just one element of your wider VoE activities. By implementing Confirmit Horizons, you’re able to run every element of your 360 program – from survey creation, to analysis, to sharing results. You can also integrate that data with your other employee engagement and insight initiatives. This ensures you eliminate silos and enables you to consolidate insights that can be turned into action, making your processes more efficient and ensuring you maintain control over the process to maximize response rates and quality.

Confirmit’s 360 feedback solutions follow a 3 stage process:

  • Selection and nomination: Managers and program administrators are able to nominate and approve participants, raters, and their relationships to one another.
  • Data collection: Feedback surveys are automatically deployed to the appropriate employees, with communications frequency managed through business rules to maximize response rates. Dashboards show participation to give an immediate view into progress.
  • Reporting: Easy to understand, role-based dashboards are available to key stakeholders. 360 feedback data is integrated with data from other VoE programs, including outsourced employee engagement programs, as well as other business data, such as from your ERP system.

The following factsheet provides more information about Confirmit’s 360 degree feedback