The Four Components of Voice of the Employee

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Author Bio

In my last post I reviewed the spectrum of options for employee feedback along two quadrants: proactive/reactive, and solicited/unsolicited. We gave each quadrant a name: Strategic Surveys, Open Insights, Social Analytics and Agile research.

Now I want to break these down and explain a little more about each quadrant.

  • Strategic” represents the big annual or biennial census survey that most organizations are conducting. These programs require extensive long-term planning, but yield in-depth data sets that analysts can cut in a million directions.
  • “Open Insights” represents approaches where employees can leave feedback as it arises. It is the office comment box. It’s the link to your internal shared services or IT teams about “how did we do today”? These programs are easy to run, but tend to generate unstructured feedback. The data can lead to unexpected insights and if often a great incubator for more in-depth research, but it’s hard to help employees feel confident that you’re doing something with that input.
  • “Social Analytics” is what you probably think it is - scraping internal and external social media and other unstructured data sources to understand how your employer brand is doing and to see what employees are talking about organically, without prompts.
  • Agile Research” is one of the latest developments in the area of employee engagement, and we think it’s the most exciting trend we’ve seen in a long time. It allows you to be responsive to local needs, lets you tailor your feedback programs to individual managers or business units, and empowers you to keep your finger on the pulse of organizational shifts. This topic warrants a much deeper review, which I will do in my next post.


So how many organizations are using which type?

In our webinar we conducted a poll, so as previously discussed, not scientific, but possibly indicative. People could select more than one choice.

So how about your organization? Where are you at, and where do you want to go next?

In my next post I will review more about Agile research, so stay tuned. Or you can always skip ahead by watching the webinar here.

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