Beyond Engaged: A New Approach to Employee Lifecycle Measurement and Management

Author Bio

Author Bio

On average, roughly 1 in 5 new employees in the US leave their employer within their first year. There is also empirical data that shows how engagement levels tend to dip dramatically when an employee reaches 2-3 years of tenure, just when you would hope for and expect performance to being ramping up. 

What causes these trends? How can you know what’s happening in your organization? And what tailored strategies can you use to combat these issues before it’s too late? 

In this webinar, Robert Tate, Managing Director, PwC, and Sean Conry, Director, Voice of the Employee, Confirmit shared the answers to these questions and more. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Strategies for measuring critical milestones throughout the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to exit
  • Key technology considerations that support modern Voice of the Employee programs
  • Ideas for how to tackle engagement problems before they arise