20 Years, 20 Stories: 2015 – New York, Teamwork and Snacks

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Unlike many of my colleagues who’ve written these blogs, I can’t really focus on a huge changes that have happened during my tenure, since I’m a relative newbie – at least compared to the likes of Tore and Paul Quinn. Saying that, though, even in the less-than-two years since I started, there have been a few changes that make it clear that nothing stands still for too long in Confirmit Land!

I’m based in the New York office and this year we had a pretty big facelift in the office which has really transformed the place. It’s much more open-plan now, which has really boosted the atmosphere…and means my colleagues get to hear my voice all day long which they love! Also, we have really brightly colored carpets which I love, though I can’t link them to an actual business benefit no matter how hard I try!

Actually, one of the changes in the office was less a result of the refurb and more a result of changes in the wider world. All the meeting rooms in the NYC office are named after famous landmarks in the city; Flatiron, Union Square etc. One of the rooms was Trump Plaza, but since that started to look like some sort of political statement, that room has been renamed!

The New York office is a great place to be based, and not only because of the fabulous range of snacks in the kitchen that our receptionist, Tia, keeps us stocked up with. Though that really helps, I admit. No, the main thing is that we have a really great team who are brilliant at pulling together to get the right results for our clients. One thing that I feel has evolved even over the time I’ve been here, is our ability to get people from different teams across the business to learn from each other.

In many cases, finding the right way to support our clients in the Market Research industry is about helping them to find new ways to deliver efficiencies across their companies. It’s something I hear from customers all the time, and which I know is a common pressure across the industry. One of the great parts of my job is that I am actually able to help in that regard. Confirmit Horizons is such a powerful platform that we’re always able to suggest new or adapted ways of working that will really make a difference to our customers. Also, with changes hitting the platform so frequently now, I know that even in the few cases where we don’t quite have what a customer needs, there’s almost always a solution just around the corner.

Over the past year I’ve been able to travel to meet clients face-to-face more and that’s been a highlight for me. Much as emails are fine, and Skype makes communication easier than ever (which occasionally is something of a mixed blessing!) you really can’t beat hopping on a train or a plane to actually talk to people in real life. As a salesperson, spending time with clients is my favorite part of my job and the more I’m able to do that, the more fun I have. Even if it does keep me away from the snacks in NYC….

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