20 Years, 20 Stories: 2013 – A Design for the Future

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

Author Bio

Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

Author Bio

I’ve been part of the Confirmit team for a little over three years now, but I’ve been using Confirmit Horizons for around 10 years, starting as a programmer, then a developer. Now, I’m happily settled into my role as a pre-sales architect and consultant within the Confirmit team in London.

I’m a huge fan of great design. I love it. From cars to clothes, if things look good they make me happy. I try to apply this to everything in my life including Confirmit Horizons which, for both surveys and reports, has incredible potential to deliver beautifully designed interfaces. I think sometimes people aren’t aware of quite how much power we have to create sexy research and feedback programs, so it’s become something of a mission for me to prove what can be done.

The other thing it’s useful to know about me is that I’m also a nerd. I like sci-fi and fixing broken things (though not enough to give up my day job!) I’m lucky in that my role lets me combine both of these as I help design the pre-sales demo materials but also run training sessions for new users and I get to build cool new ways of working in the platform.

For me, the two best things about working at Confirmit are the people and the product itself. And actually, it’s the combination of the two that really makes the difference. The software is so scalable that there isn’t anything you can’t do. Sometimes things can be challenging but there are always numerous people around to help find a solution. The people help finish the product off with the wealth of knowledge that’s available.

When I joined the company one of the first areas I focused on was our demos. While they showed a lot of what the technology could do, I knew from my own experience that the demos we had didn’t show the full capabilities available. Since then, I’ve developed what I think are some much more exciting layouts and templates and I’m always really proud to see them being used out in the real world.  

There’s definitely a move from Market Research businesses and for companies running Voice of the Customer programs to deliver projects that use good design. Consumer expectations are so high now, thanks to the likes of Apple, for example, that a well-designed and executed survey can be the difference between someone completing the survey or not. 

One thing I’d love to see in Confirmit’s future is a training course dedicated to layouts and design because of the feedback and demand we’ve had in the last 18 months. Given we pride ourselves on being a true partner to our clients, we’re always keen to work with them on areas that will help them succeed. I think design is critical to how our clients use our technology and I’d love to be able to work on new ways to evolve our approach.

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