20 Years, 20 Stories: 2014 – Smart People Doing Cool Things

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

Author Bio

I’m excited to write this blog just as I approach my 2-year anniversary with Confirmit! At this time back in 2014, I was just getting ready to start. I’ll never forget the first week at the Confirmit Emeryville office. Chengcheng Feng and I started on the same day and went through Authoring and Reportal training together. Since we started in early December, part of our first week was attending the office Holiday party. Everyone was so welcoming and I immediately felt like part of the family.

I have a friend whose mantra is, “Work with smart people who are doing cool things”. This is the perfect description of Confirmit. I spent the first few months marveling at how many amazing products are in our suite, and how many brilliant (and nice!) people I was meeting.

Before I joined Confirmit, I’d been in Market Research for a long time. I saw first-hand the evolution from traditional research methods to online technologies and services. I went from working in a Market Research company to spending six years in a software startup that provided technology for online qualitative research. The services aspect of delivering technology solutions to clients was increasingly compelling to me. Clients needed robust technology solutions, but they were also looking for industry expertise and collaborative partnership. As interest grows in global CX, VoC and VoE programs, so does demand for digestible solutions with easily recognized value. I was therefore very excited to join Confirmit at a time when the organization was expanding its services team.

My favorite part of being a Senior Program Manager at Confirmit is growing an enterprise-level program from A-Z. It’s satisfying to reflect on a program that was just starting out a year or two ago and now has multiple surveys, reporting, Action Management, integration with Salesforce, Text Analytics. There are never any two programs that are alike, and that keeps it interesting. We have so much flexibility at Confirmit with what we can offer clients, so often the challenge at the beginning of a new engagement is making abstract ideas concrete and brainstorming what is going to work best for individual program goals.

Teamwork is key. The scope of the enterprise-level solutions we implement here at Confirmit don’t happen in a vacuum – it takes a village. In the time I’ve been here, there has been a lot of work put into cross-team processes and communication, and every individual across Sales, Consulting, the Product Management team, Marketing, Tech Services, the Global Solutions Team, and Support has been really proactive about working together. In the start-up world, I loved the concept of Progressive Enhancement, specifically the philosophy that long-term success comes from being in-the-moment, noting things that are not innately “perfect” (as well as celebrating wins) in order to enhance the product or process in the most informed way. I appreciate that I can jump on the phone with any one of my teammates, from Account Management to Tech Services, and collaborate to find a solution for an issue at hand. I love being able to introduce a client team to their Confirmit team, because I have so much confidence in our products and our great people.

As a remote employee, I work with colleagues and clients all over the world. Some of my teammates I’ve never met in person, or only met once or twice – and yet we talk daily so I feel like I know them well. I always look forward to the company parties and annual kick-offs so that I can see everyone in person. The future holds great things for Confirmit and I’m happy to be a part of it.

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