20 Years, 20 Stories - An Introduction

Author Bio

Author Bio

In the 20 years since Confirmit was founded, we have been lucky enough to employ some genuinely exceptional people. The success of our business is down to the skills, experience and dedication of those team members who make the company what it is today. A constantly growing, evolving entity which feels more like a living creature than a technology company. More importantly, that’s the way we will stay – we work to form long-term partnerships with our customers so are focused on sustainable growth for many years to come.

Part of the secret to our success is not just the types of people we hire, but the way in which we hire them. We’ve focused on growing at a steady, constant and sustainable pace for two decades. I confess there have been times when it’s been tempting to look at our customer growth and product roadmap and increase our numbers more dramatically. However, we know from looking at the wider market that that isn’t the path to long-term growth. And no company culture is improved by repeatedly expanding and contracting teams on a large scale.

The advantage of this method of growth, which has been made up of a solid combination of organic and strategic acquisition is that not only do we gain great people, but we’re built on a really solid base. As you’ll see from our recent announcement, we operate without debt of any kind and ensure growth year on year by focusing on retaining the customers we’re here to serve.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re going to share some stories of the people who make up Confirmit. In effect, the people who ARE Confirmit. We have an enviable tenure rate (well above industry average) and boast many employees who’ve been with us for 10-15 years – and of course, our Chief Technology Officer who’s been here since our earliest days back in 1996.

In fact, we have several employees who’ve been part of the company for over 30 years as the result of our acquisition of Pulse Train which was founded back in 1976. More of that another day.

Throughout the rest of the year, employees who started in each year of the business will share their thoughts, reflections and stories of how things have changed and why, in some cases, they’ve been Confirmites for most of their careers. I hope you enjoy hearing from them as much as I enjoy working with them!