20 Years, 20 Stories: 2010 – Changes in Chengdu

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Author Bio

It is both an honor and a challenge for me to write my first English blog, particularly when I’m not here to talk about gaming. Let’s give it a go, though! Let me start with a brief introduction about myself and the development of Confirmit’s Chengdu office.

It was end of 2010, and having worked for two different types of company, each lasting for just a few months as I experimented with what I wanted to do, I accidently became the 5th employee of the Chengdu office. I certainly never imagined that I’d still be here 6 years later! Before I joined, the team was made up of Yu, Tao, Qingwen and Kejun, and 4 of the first 5 of us are still in Chengdu office, which I think is pretty cool. We were a small team at that time, but being in a small team like ours means that your coworkers are also your friends. Most of us had just graduated from university, so were a similar age, on the same growth path and also newbies. It’s only natural that after a short while, you get to know each other really well, and that in return really helped a lot in communication as we worked together

The office developed as time went by, from purely data management to covering development, dev-ops and analytics. And the new team members really helped (not least in contributing to our badminton team!). And, of course, new people bring a breath of fresh air and new ideas, which is why we had – and continue to have regular knowledge sharing sessions every Friday morning. We share bleeding edge tech information, useful tools, working experiences as well as work flow ideas. This time is special, because it’s during these sessions that we find out more about what the other teams are working on and how they work so we can learn more.  It’s a great team building process as well, and as well as sharing we often have ideas that we can apply to a serious project.

Integrasco was acquired by Confirmit at the end of 2013, which gave us a more certain future than we’d had previously with our small company. For most of us in the Chengdu office, the day-to-day impact wasn’t that huge. It meant a stronger focus on Genius, the text analytics solution, but we were working in a way we were all comfortable with so the transfer very smooth to us. Plus, we all got a new laptops and a new laptop is a faster laptop!

It was some months later that things started to change a bit more for me as I changed my role from R&D to Dev-ops. This has meant working more closely with the wider Confirmit team so now I know much more about the Confirmit Horizons solution and the business as a whole. To me, it was both inspiring and fun to work beyond the Integrasco scope, and that’s when I felt like we were part of the Confirmit family and I believe it always be.

Well, it is hard to say what is going to happen in the next few years to me and Chengdu office. Everything is changing, you will never know where you will be, but one thing I can confirm is that we are able to adapt to the changes ahead which I think will be great ones.

I hope the badminton team will not change, though.

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