20 Years, 20 Stories: 2008 – Escape from Career Limbo

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

Author Bio

Confirmit rescued me from my career limbo...let me explain.

In early 2008 I was working for a London based Market Research company as Senior Data Processing Executive. What that really meant was that I was coding CATI (telephone) questionnaires all day long, back to something that I thought I had grown out of many years prior to that setback. It wasn't a great feeling but it was my best option after a well-known competitor of Confirmit in 2007 shut down their London operations. My previous position there was in Technical Support where I was assisting CATI clients in implementing dialer solutions, a niche and challenging position I really loved. And now I was floating in career limbo.

Then one morning in the late spring of 2008 my mobile rang. It was Francisco, my former manager in my previous job. He was calling to let me know he had recently joined Confirmit and they were looking for a Technical Support Engineer with CATI and dialer experience. My heart thumped as I said I was definitely up for it. After two interviews and a test, in August 2008 I joined the Confirmit Professional Services Team.

Initially I worked in the Guildford office where Pulse Train was already based before the merger with Confirmit in 2007. I had inherited from my predecessor a small tech lab where test dialers were hosted, back then on just two servers. Pulse Train’s CATI solution was in the process of being integrated into Confirmit at that time and, as a CATI expert, in September 2008 I was invited to the Oslo headquarters to give a presentation on that subject. Being a new recruit, that was a bit scary but the team was really welcoming and everything went well.

What impressed me most back then, and still does, is the friendly and collaborative atmosphere that all the people working at Confirmit contribute to create. We work in a very busy environment but I still have yet to find someone who is not willing to help their colleagues when asked. And that is what really makes Confirmit an outstanding solution and software enterprise, besides the unrivalled technology: the people who work here.

Nowadays Confirmit Horizons CATI fully integrates with five dialers and a new integration is currently on its way. My tech lab in the fancy new London office in the Blue Fin Building now accommodates five dialers and the family keeps growing.

My position as a Senior Technical Support Engineer and Dialer Expert entails making sure all the clients I work with are happy, helping new comers join our CATI/dialer solutions and also assisting R&D in testing and deploying new features to our ever-growing set of integrations between CATI and telephony solutions.

This is a demanding job but one I really enjoy doing and I hope to see more and more happy anniversaries like this coming my way.

Happy Birthday Confirmit & Confirmites!!