20 Years, 20 Stories: 2006 – Supporting Evolution

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

Author Bio

In January 2006 I braved a cold New York City morning for my first day in the Technical Support team at Confirmit. Of course, back in 2006 the company was still officially FIRM (Future Information Research Management), though that was about to change. And it certainly wouldn’t be the last thing to change over the next ten years.

The New York office back then was a smallish affair on the west side of Manhattan. The support team I was joining was also small but I was excited about the opportunities my new role held. For a start, I knew the technology I was working with was great, something that other techies will know makes life much more enjoyable when you’re working a support environment. I was also really looking forward to working directly with clients to help them to get the most from the platform. I knew the technology had enormous capabilities and was excited about making sure that users were really getting the most out of it.

As some of my colleagues have already mentioned in their blogs, there’s a great spirit in all the offices, and New York was no exception. I was soon part of the team and like the others, was enjoying the time with other Confirmites not only in the office, but outside as well. And while the team was small when I joined, it didn’t take long for us to outgrow the space we had which meant a move to a larger office to accommodate the ever-expanding team (by which I mean the number of people, not the size of the people as a result of our very well-stocked office kitchen!)

I’ve spent a decade of working closely with customers to understand how they’re using Confirmit Horizons to get the most from it, and I now manage the Technical Support team in the US. The team has gone from strength to strength and we’ve got some exceptional team members here working hard to support our clients. The technology we’re supporting has evolved dramatically since 1996. Back then, the online data collection capabilities and Confirmit Reportal were really impressive, but compared to the capabilities of the platform now, it seems a world away. The team is dealing with increasingly sophisticated requests and questions from customers and I’m extremely proud of how the team is able to respond.

As the company has grown, so too have the demands on the support team. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible support, and that extends around the world. We have support resources in a number of offices to help us respond quickly to customers, and as of late last year, we have a support team member in the new Sydney office now to help cover the Asia/Pacific time periods.

Our team has taken on the challenge of supporting the ever-growing Confirmit Horizons platform, and one thing that I’m certain of is that we’re never going to have the chance to rest on our laurels. As long as the Product Management and R&D teams continue to create incredible new capabilities, the support team is going to be along for the ride to ensure that customers get the most from the technology.


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