20 Years, 20 Stories: 2004 – A Leap of Faith

Author Bio

Author Bio

If I had to choose one word to describe my relationship with Confirmit, it would be serendipitous.

I first crossed paths with the Confirmit product – now Confirmit Horizons - back in 2003. I was working for a large research agency in the call center while studying at university. I was asked if I would act as an online help desk and reply to respondents needing help completing their online surveys. I voiced my concerns about being the help contact for a survey platform that I had never laid eyes on, but was reassured that the software itself was first-rate and the help requests would, as a result, be generally easy to trouble-shoot. I was then promptly told that I was required to take on the pseudonym Sheila Wong for my new role. Being, in fact, a man, and furthermore, one who had never laid eyes upon this software, I thought why not!

I soon learnt that this online software platform was called Confirmit. After two months of being Sheila Wong I was given the opportunity to join the team of programmers setting up online surveys. At the time, attention to detail was not my forte, so I figured that this would be a challenge that would broaden my skillset. To my surprise, I became proficient in setting up online surveys in no time and relished my new role.

Six months into my role as a Confirmit programmer, I was drinking at the local pub where I was introduced to a friend of my sister who also worked in the Market Research industry. I explained a little bit about the platform that I was using and he gave me a wry smile, volunteering, “Chris, I act as the reseller for Confirmit in Australia. You need to come and work for me!”

Less than a month later, I took a leap of faith and joined Information Research Management (IRM). I quickly learnt that this ‘online survey platform’ that I had been using did much more than just online surveys. My role at IRM exposed me to many facets of the Confirmit platform and the business. I acted as a programmer, as a project QA tester, as support, as a Confirmit trainer, as a salesperson and as part of a very tight team of three people; a team that still work and laugh together today. I also formed very strong relationships with a handful of people at Confirmit, many of whom I still work closely with today.

Fast forward eleven years to 2015 and a new chapter in my Confirmit kinship began. Confirmit acquired IRM, established Confirmit Australia, and welcomed myself, Cathy and Roy (the tight three) to the larger Confirmit community. In the year that has followed, our local team and our client base have both grown significantly. Working for a company that is continually adapting to the market and emerging technologies is both mentally engaging and acutely rewarding.

Today’s growing competitive global economy has allowed short-termism to flourish. And it is with this in mind that I couldn’t think of a better place to be than Confirmit. Our long-term success and stability is evidenced by the length of tenure of client and employee alike. I feel fortunate to call many of my colleagues my friends, and eagerly anticipate what the future holds for those of us known as Confirmites.