20 Years, 20 Stories: 2002 – Part of the Gang

Author Bio

Author Bio

My first week at Confirmit was actually kind of strange. The company was in the process of navigating the drastic downturn in the IT industry so, from a recruitment perspective, I was the only newbie starting at that particular point. But despite everyone being anxious about what the future held, I was welcomed with open arms and quickly became one of the gang.

My role has evolved significantly. Back in 2002, I wasn’t involved with invoicing or any tasks within the Finance department, whereas I now spend much of my time working with invoicing and in close collaboration with the sales team members. As the company has grown, the workload has only increased, but we have also managed to streamline many routines, and the evolution of the company seen from the ground level is truly impressive.

My particular position is something of a jack of all trades, combining many different aspects of the company’s daily routines. Everything from invoicing and accounting to working with Extranet access, booking and coordinating events, travel and physical therapy – my days are never the same, even with so many routines in place!

The biggest change from a company perspective, of course, is that Confirmit is so much bigger now, with offices around the world. Obviously our own technology had changed dramatically, but then so has the technology I work with on a daily basis. For example, we still used conference phones and projectors for company presentations which in these days of Skype, video calling and wireless everything seems quite alien.

Although Confirmit and its solutions have grown and evolved, many of the people I met back in 2002 have decided that this is the place to be, and the place to stay. And as more and more people have joined that gang I became part of, they’ve chosen to stay for the long haul too, each bringing their own influence and uniqueness to the party. That’s actually the single biggest motivator for staying with the company for so many years – wonderful colleagues who are as talented as they are kind and helpful. It’s been a joy to be able to grow along with the company for nearly 15 years.