20 Years, 20 Stories – 2009: Design Innovation and Horrible Acting

Author Bio

Author Bio

When I joined Confirmit, I was part of a small Marketing team who needed a designer to work on Confirmit.com and its marketing material. As a young designer in what was then a fairly small company this meant a huge opportunity to work on a much wider range of projects than I’d have had at a design agency. I quickly had to adopt a number of hats to fit the various requests that came into me each week.

Almost 8 years later, a lot of has changed (as my fellow bloggers have highlighted). Several of the offices have changed – including my home office in New York. We’ve acquired several companies, seen an influx of new people and generally gone through a significant evolution to become the company we are today. From my perspective, much of the change has been around our branding which is one of my key responsibilities these days. I’m now Creative Director which means I share the awesome responsibility for the success of our website, our branding and some of the cooler, fun design innovations we get to play with.

For me, this evolution is a reflection of how Confirmit values its employees. I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow along with the business, and with the rest of the Marketing team which has grown from a team of five when I started to more than a dozen today. The education never ends but now I’m in the fortunate position to be able to pass on some of what I’ve learned to other members of the team while spearheading some more cutting edge technology like augmented and virtual reality.

Growing with Confirmit has been lots of hard work and education accompanied with some memorable moments. The NY office has a great team and although we’re always busy, we find time for some fun as well. For example, we created a NY event planning committee where we encouraged team activities through like softball, and bowling. We’re also not averse to a happy hour from time to time after work and we’ve even created bimonthly short films covering work anniversaries and horrible acting (brace yourselves!)

In the time I’ve been here, people have come and gone but it’s been a privilege to work with each and every one of them. The fun stuff above is what helps keep the NY team together, and by working with Confirmites from around the world, I think it’s safe to say no two days here are ever the same!