Where on Earth Are We Going? How to Keep Your CX Program on the Right Track

Author Bio

Author Bio

You’ve probably got a customer experience program. Most companies do. 

And if you’ve got a program, you’ve probably got a vision. Which is nice. 

But how do you get from where you are today to the place where that vision is realized? To the day where you capture insights from customers at every touchpoint. Where employees are engaged in the CX process. Where you deliver personalized experiences that boost loyalty and advocacy towards your brand? To where you are driving cultural and operational change?

Gut feel won’t get you there. Science will. 

In this webinar, Claire Sporton, Vice President, Customer Experience Management, Confirmit and Charles L. Colby, Principal Chief Methodologist and Founder, Rockbridge discussed a scientifically-validated approach to mapping the maturity of your VoC program. An approach that not only tells you where you are, but what you need to do next.