GDPR for CX. What Is It and What Do You Need to Do?

Author Bio

Author Bio

 The EU is introducing new legal requirements known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which come into force in May 2018. All organizations handling customer data originating from within the European Economic Area need to check whether they are compliant and, if not, determine what they need to do about it.

In this On Demand Webinar, Confirmit’s Arnt Feruglio, COO and Tim Barker, Director, Customer Experience Management, discuss the relevant points in the new legislation and give best practice examples of the changes you need to make, including:

  • Obtaining customers’ consent to use the information they give you Is consent really needed?
    • How do you ask for it?
    • What do you need to tell them?
    • How long can CX data be kept and used?
  • Ensuring CX data is adequately protected under GDPR

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