How are Companies Leveraging Continuous Improvement Rigor to Drive Customer-Centricity?

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Capturing feedback from customers and taking action

Capturing feedback from customers and taking action on individual cases is table-stakes these days. It’s a great improvement over the past, but today’s “one-click” world means customers expect more. So you need to do more. 


Incorporating customer insights into the daily lives of employees is a real challenge. Often, companies enable their employees to do no more than keep their heads down and focus on closing the loop on low Net Promoter Scores. These companies suffer from the “Ostrich Effect.” Agreeing that actions probably worked, but with no clear evidence of success. And certainly no impact on business culture. 

The time has come to apply more rigorous approaches to CX-driven business change. Approaches that use continuous improvement tools such as Agile, LEAN, and Six Sigma provide structure and governance. These help you to track, course correct, and accurately report on change initiatives. 

Listen to Roberta O’Keith, Director, CX Consulting at Confirmit, and guest speaker, Sam Stern, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., in this webinar, as they answer questions including: 

- How can key methodologies such as Customer Journey Mapping help companies to perform better? 
- Can governance of the customer experience help to drive customer-centricity? 
- How can a rigorous, continuous improvement approach enable companies to definitively prove the Return on Investment of CX programs? 


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