Ch- Ch- Changes... CX Predictions 2020

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Customer Experience Predictions 2020

As a CX professional, how do you feel about the future as we head into 2020? Excited about an investment boost, some new hires, and being able to improve your ROI further?

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If so, good for you. You’re in something of a minority.

Many CX teams are struggling at the moment. But if you’re one of them, don’t despair - there is a lot of opportunity ahead. The trick is start thinking differently - stop thinking insight, start thinking change.

Join Confirmit’s Claire Sporton along with guest speaker Harley Manning, Research Director at Forrester, as they share their predictions for the CX world in 2020. Spoiler alert: something’s got to change. Find out:

  • Why CX teams who can prove ROI will wipe the floor with the competition
  • How to motivate internal teams to become a force for good
  • The skills and tools you need to stop being the “insight team” and become “the change team”

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