Less Measuring, More Action: CX in 2018

Author Bio

Author Bio

This time of year, many people are reflecting upon what they’ve accomplished this year and what to anticipate in the future. We tend to underestimate change in the long term and overestimate change in the short term. So talking about this topic for 2018 can be fraught with challenges – but we’re going to do it anyway! 

The CX world is destined to be a very different place in the future, but before we get there, we’d like to share with you our perspective about what’s just around the corner.  

We must set ourselves up with the capability to recognize change and react quickly, but we must not be afraid to dream. To look beyond the horizon.  

In this webinar, Shelly Chandler, VP Customer Experience Consulting, Confirmit defined the future of CX as we see it today, and provided pragmatic steps that CX practitioners should take in 2018 to achieve long-term goals. Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • New ways of capturing feedback and driving action – without sending out more surveys! 
  • How to harness AI and predictive analytics to drive CX efficiencies and business change 
  • The skills that we as CX practitioners will need to stop controlling and start enabling in this brave new world