The Role of CX and Insights in Challenging Times. Your Questions Explored.

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Right now, everyone is feeling their way through each day trying to support family, friends, their communities, and their organizations. Things are changing fast and yesterday’s certainties are today’s unknowns.

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There are no easy answers and the priority is to keep everyone safe and supported. We have had many questions from clients who are looking for our perspective on how customer experience teams should react at this time. Do we suspend surveys? Do we focus on closed loop management or more generic communication? Should we be doing more or less?

We believe at this time it is more critical than ever to understand your customers and keep an open dialogue. Understanding their needs, their expectations, and how you should respond to them. We are not experts in global situations like this, but we are here to help insights and CX professionals play their part in supporting their organizations.

We are bringing together five of our most experienced CX consultants to start the conversation, and share their perspective on some of the key questions we’ve heard in the last few days. We’ll address;

  • What to do with your existing CX surveys, and how to create a dialog with customers
  • How to ensure CX plays a part in maintaining trust
  • Ways to work with stakeholders to drive the change that will help meet customer needs

We are committed to supporting our CX community through this crisis.

Register for this webinar now, and we’ll work to answer your questions and help the CX community to find the route forward at this unprecedented time.

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