The Death of the Survey Webinar

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Many people wonder, “Are surveys dying?” The answer is simple: NO. They are too valuable to the research process to fade out of existence anytime soon. They are, however, changing. The days of long, dry, and boring surveys are over!

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Today, if you want to engage respondents, surveys need to be delivered on the respondents’ terms. They need to be fun, convenient, and perfectly timed! That means you need to design shorter surveys that include open text fields, multi-media, and great graphics.

Often, however, short surveys aren’t enough to generate the depth of insight you need. With that, businesses and researchers are increasingly looking for new ways to identify insights.

In this webinar, Holly Carter, Confirmit’s Director of Product Marketing, will discuss ways you can find or supplement insights beyond the survey. We’ll discuss how you can generate insights leveraging data from:

  • Social media
  • Contact center
  • Usage and/or transactions
  • Business systems, such as: CRMs, financial systems, ERPs, etc.


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