CX Strategy: Using Nudge Theory & Social Styles to Positively Impact Business

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit CX Nudge whitepaper

Are you surprised that your CX program is not delivering the results you are expecting? Is it struggling to drive sustainable change?



Despite the comprehensive feedback your program has collected. Despite the advanced analytics identifying the key drivers and priorities for action. Despite the provision of dashboards, reports and alerts communicating the need for change, why do our programs struggle to continue to deliver true business results, particularly after the first flush of ‘‘low hanging fruit’’? If this sounds familiar you are not alone.

Confirmit has, over the years, witnessed how organizational issues hinder CX development. Internal barriers can worsen the silo mentality you might already be struggling with, and these barriers often come down to personality traits and styles. Together they affect the organization’s ability to execute new initiatives and take action.

We have leaned heavily on acknowledged psychological methods and models (specifically Social Style, Behavioral Economics, Viral Change and Nudge Theory). They can, however, be weighty to implement, requiring too much detail and learning for over-stretched CX practitioners to easily get started. So, as a result, Confirmit decided to get pragmatic and provide a method that is easy to implement.

Confirmit CX Nudge will help you to identify and profile the style of the function or group. Then, from the numerous nudge methods available, you’ll be equipped to pick out specific ones that are more likely to work for each of the types in a CX context. 

You need to understand the change that is required, and how that change relates to success criteria and business outcomes. Then, to be able to drive its execution successfully, you need to:

STEP ONE: Identify

  • Functions / individuals to take action

STEP TWO: Profile

  • Understand individuals / groups, style & priorities


  • Understand how to motivate them to do something

STEP FOUR: Monitor

  • Track action taken and the impact on the business

Confirmit CX Nudge supports managers and practitioners by making them understand those whom they want to take action with. It empowers and enables them to execute new ideas, actions and initiatives. Confirmit’s technology helps you track and monitor the change initiatives taken to assess impact and predict whether these initiatives are going to hit the targets set. 

This model brings two acknowledged theories together in the world of CX: Social Style and Nudge theory. It will empower and enable them to execute ideas, actions, and initiatives. We also provide an understanding of how technology can support the tracking and monitoring of the change initiatives being undertaken. Together, this toolkit helps create the behavioral changes required for sustainable change.

Download this white paper and find out how to better understand the individuals who need to take action and how to motivate them to actually do so.