Digital Feedback Solution: Website Exit Intent Survey

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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A survey appears on the screen when exit intent is detected, catching the visitor’s attention, and collecting the visitor feedback.

We’ve all done it.  You browse around a website, perhaps you even add something to the shopping cart… And then for whatever reason, you change your mind and click away without filling in any forms or completing any transactions. This is a common scenario!

But we know, in the world of digital business, this seemingly simple scenario is actually a nightmare! For example, did you know the average cart abandonment rate is hovering around 76%! Just think about the potential revenue lost!

But never fear, Confirmit’s Digital Feedback solution can help! With Confirmit, you can easily deploy elegant and fully branded survey, leveraging a wide variety of question types to collect feedback so you can understand why visitors leave your website without converting.

With Confirmit, a quick survey seamlessly appears on the screen when exit intent is detected, catching the visitor’s attention, and collecting the feedback you need. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of what your website visitors want, you’re empowered to implement improvements that drive measurable business results.

Your website is a powerful force representing your brand, driving sales, and engaging customers. But did you know it can do a whole lot more? Your website is also a great place to collect feedback from your customers and prospects. 

Confirmit Digital Feedback solution helps you turn your website traffic into real-time insights. With Confirmit, unobtrusive and highly-targeted surveys can be displayed according to your requirements, encouraging visitors to provide feedback, such as:

  • Website feedback 
  • Transaction satisfaction
  • Exit intent reason
  • Cart abandonment information
  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • And much more

Confirmit’s Digital Feedback solution is flexible, allowing you to leverage a wide variety of survey types and features so you can engage the maximum number of respondents with ease. And best of all, managing Digital Feedback is easy with Confirmit, so you don’t have to rely on web developers every time you need a