Confirmit CX Expert Series: Terry DuVarney - PennyMac

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Author Bio


In this video, Terry DuVarney, First VP Loan Administration at PennyMac talks about the impact of the customer experience program that she and her team have developed. Terry highlights the importance of building strong internal relationships with stakeholders around the business in order to drive change. PennyMac’s executive team are huge supporters of listening to the Voice of the Customer, and Terry describes how that has impacted the rest of the organization, resulting in a double win in the 2019 Confirmit ACE Awards. 

As a top national mortgage lender, PennyMac is committed to providing its customers with a range of innovative mortgage solutions. Whether they’re new to the home loan process or experienced buyers specifically seeking a competitive conventional, FHA, VA, investment property or Jumbo loan, PennyMac is dedicated to offering competitive rates and superior service.

Being a direct mortgage lender means PennyMac can focus on the needs of its customers rather than maintaining a network of branches and banking products. The company’s licensed loan officers are trained to help customers through the process every step of the way.

PennyMac has worked very closely with Confirmit in a partnership that has allowed the team to really take ownership of their own program, while having expertise on-hand when necessary. By adding text analytics and additional data sources to the Voice of the Customer insights, PennyMac have achieved an extraordinary amount with a small team. Not least, winning two Confirmit ACE Awards!

If you'd like to learn more about PennyMac's Voice of the Customer program, check out the 2019 ACE Awards Winners' Showcase book. You'll find best practices from the world's leading CX professionals, as well as inspiration to take your experience managements initiatives to the next level.