Time for a Revolution: How to Beat the CX Slump

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Customer Experience Industry Report

This research, based on one of the most comprehensive global surveys of over 800 CX practitioners, shows a huge opportunity for CX teams to evolve, grow and drive business change.



The gulf between those programs that are delivering on the promise of business success and those that remain just a "feedback program" is getting wider. This is a concern, but also a great opportunity for those organizations that can get it right. If you ever wanted to differentiate yourself on experience, the time is now! 

But it requires action. Here, we have identified three catalysts. Areas to focus on that will not only boost the success of your CX initiatives – but also improve your ability to prove that success. This is the time to be bold.

Here’s a quick overview of the three catalysts that will help you identify whether 2020 is a year for evolution or revolution – or indeed, a bit of both!

1) Raise one rallying cry:

A CX metric or disjointed program is not going to create a wave of people desperate to drive change. Feedback is the catalyst particularly when combined with operational, financial and behavioral data – and then add the human element, telling stories that motivate people to want to change something. Technology enables CX insights, but it must make these insights available across your organization in a way that empowers and enables people to understand what they need to do differently. People make things happen.

2) Focus on better decisions:

Too many companies are still focused on collecting data, creating shiny dashboards, then watching obsessively for an improvement in a CX metric such as NPS. But CX programs need to empower people across the company to make better decisions every day within their area of expertise and really own them. The results and impact of the decisions lead directly to the ability to create better business outcomes. This is critical to saving CX from the slump.

3) Prove your worth:

It all comes down to money. To realize more investment in your program, you need to demonstrate a return on what you have now. Not only from tactical activities, but from strategic initiatives as well. Find out what decisions you are enabling and map them back to reduced costs, increased revenue and retention, and improved employee engagement. It’s the bottom line.

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