Confirmit Compass CX Consulting: Customer Journey Mapping

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Confirmit Team

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Confirmit Compass Customer Experience Consulting - Customer Journey Mapping

The journeys on which your customers’ travel when engaging your organization often vary significantly, are rarely linear, and can be downright complex. Understanding those customer journeys is an extremely important part of any Customer Experience (CX) strategy. Journey maps serve as a diagnostic tool. They are an objective view of the experience your company is currently delivering to your customers. The primary purpose of the Customer Journey Map (CJM) is to discover what customers truly value in working with you—not just what they complain about.



What are the Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping?

Our Customer Journey Mapping helps you to identify the key touchpoints along the customer journey so you can set up effective listening posts, leverage and protect the touchpoints that are working well, and implement improvements in the troubled areas that matter most to your customers. With Customer Journey Mapping you’ll be able to:

  • Engage the organization in CX (communicate, train, educate colleagues)
  • Create early buy-in for change and focus on the customer experience
  • Determine key moments that matter (strengths, pain points, and improvement areas)
  • Identify upstream/ downstream issues to drive necessary actions

Confirmit’s Compass CJM service enables clients to leverage an efficient and cost effective solution delivered by highly experienced CX consultants to ensure that your CX program is on track and delivering key insights to support your desired business outcomes.

What is the Confirmit’s Approach to Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)?

Confirmit’s CJM was developed for use by Confirmit clients who are either setting up a new Voice of the Customer (VoC) program or those seeking to refresh an existing VoC program by centering it on key moments that matter to the customer.

Our consulting experts execute CJM in four phases, proven to provide a comprehensive, yet efficient mapping program. These are:

  • Align It
  • Explore It
  • Prove It
  • Connect & Monitor It

We recommend you conduct a refreshed CJM exercise annually to measure changes in the experience and identify where ongoing monitoring should be put in place.