Confirmit: Breaking Down Feedback Silos in Retail Fact Sheet

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Voice of the customer for Retail

Emerging Feedback Silos

Over the past few years, focus on collecting feedback to improve the customer experience has emerged as a top priority for many retailers that want to differentiate their organization. Unfortunately, businesses’ growing need for feedback is facing a strong headwind as customers are increasingly reluctant to respond to surveys.



The clash between a company’s need for feedback and declining response rates generally leads to an even larger problem: feedback silos. Feedback silos emerge as different departments within a single organization try to “fill the feedback gap” conducting more, often redundant, surveys that apply only to their areas of interest.

The challenge of data silos in numbers 

  • 54% of decision makers don’t have the data they need to guide strategic business decisions 
  • 44% of decision makers say that organizational information silos are the biggest challenge preventing them from using data effectively 
  • 4% of companies said they have the right people, tools, and data to draw meaningful insights from their data—and to act on those insights.

Is This Familiar?

If yours is like many other businesses, you likely have:

  • All of your commercial and operational data in a CRM system
  • Disparate customer feedback in multiple survey systems
  • An independent tool for analyzing social and/or open-ended text
  • And many more systems to handle ad-hoc customer data

Of course, each of these tools has its own reporting engine too. And, when the executive team would like to see a holistic view of the customer, it is either a monumental effort to pull it all together or it is completely impossible

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