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Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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The stakes in delivering a high quality experience at the moment of customer engagement are especially high since insurers usually only engage policyholders at the time of sale, renewal, or when a claim is filed. At the same time, insurers have been doubling their compliance efforts in an age of increased regulatory demands. Ensuring customer expectations are met while adhering to legal guidelines challenges insurers to continuously retool and retrain the contact center workforce on both technical and interpersonal skills.

Confirmit FastTrack for Contact Centers provides an invaluable benefit for customer service centers within the insurance industry by helping them rise to the challenge of performing as a strategic asset, by enabling key goals such as:

  • Identify areas for training and coaching to ensure agents possess the product expertise and interpersonal skills  expected by insurance customers
  • Find opportunities to more effectively administer back-office processing and speed up claims processing
  • Gauge level of customer satisfaction across all contact channels – phone, digital, mobile
  • Gather customer experience metrics alongside operational, efficiency metrics to measure progress towards business goals such as reduced churn, increased loyalty and growth of brand advocates
  • Uncover opportunities to cross-sell additional insurance products

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