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What is Account Health?

For most companies and particularly their account managers, revenue is a top priority. The challenge is, however, that risks related to areas such as customer churn, service reductions, and difficulties with new customer acquisition can often stand in the way of your ability to grow.



It is imperative that companies find a way to get ahead of and manage these risks effectively. According to research by PwC, many companies have found that one of the most effective ways to manage risk is to spread it across the organization, all the way to the frontlines.

Account Health is one of Confirmit's B2B solutions. It is a highly configurable solution designed to empower your team to understand your accounts' health and manage revenue risks collaboratively, from the frontline all the way through executive management in just three steps. First, pulling together traditionally disparate sources of customer data and feedback, we provide members of your team with complete visibility into areas of the business that may threaten their success. Powerful dashboards deliver insights to the right people at the right time through easily understandable “headlines” tailored to the user's sphere of influence.

Second, users drill down to identify the areas of greatest risk, so they can make smarter decisions about how to improve account health. Third, our solution guides them to resolve individual customer challenges as well as develop and execute a plan of action to address systemic business issues and effectively get ahead of revenue risk. 

How Can Account Health Help My Business?

Account Health is designed with an easy, streamlined user interface, empowering your entire team to proactively identify and address issues. With richer insight into accounts' health including direct correlations to their KPIs, users are empowered to make improvements that  reduce revenue risk, driving a culture that is focused on continuously improving customer experience.

Dashboard headlines are easy to understand and speak to each user’s areas of interest and sphere of control. One click provides guidance as to what changes the user can implement to achieve the greatest impact on their KPIs. Then the user is guided to initiate an action plan to drive the right changes fast!


Account Health highlights 

  • Create an organizational culture focused on reducing revenue risk
  • Proactively address the customer issues that have the biggest impact on your goals
  • Leverage a streamlined, easy-to-use workflow
  • Drive organization-wide engagement in your CX program
  • Empower staff at all levels to improve the customer experience

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