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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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Confirmit Action Planner Fact Sheet

A Customer Experience (CX) program is only valuable if you take action to improve the customer experience. And, considering that 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a strong influencer in their purchase decisions, it is imperative that businesses follow up on customer experience problems fast.



What is Confirmit Action Planner?

Taking action on customer feedback is the key to delivering a positive experience that keeps your customers loyal. Best-in-class organizations recognize, however, that the actions required to deliver a consistently positive experience, can vary widely depending on the situation. At times, a quick email can settle a customer’s concerns. Other times, however, you’ll find that you need to address larger, potentially systemic issues that take more time, planning, and may typically involve multiple players across your organization. 
Confirmit Action Planner is a collaborative tool that helps you:

  • Launch larger initiatives to drive positive business outcomes 
  • Track the progress of your initiatives in real time 
  • Monitor the impact of your team’s corrective actions 
  • Share recommendations across the organization

But Action Planner is more than a tracking tool. It can also help you identify tried and true, best practice actions to address your company’s challenges. As a collaborative tool, Action Planner is well equipped to provide recommended best practice actions along with feedback on their effectiveness from people who have tried them before. 

How Can Action Planner Help My Business?

Action Planner serves to facilitate organizational improvements at all levels. Executives and management benefit from a clear view of the initiatives in progress and their impact on the organization. For CX professionals, Action Planner drives action across the organization supporting improved ROI from your Customer Experience program as business goals are more rapidly met. And customer-facing employees are empowered to take action within their sphere of influence.