Confirmit Horizons Version 23 Factsheet

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Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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Confirmit Horizons Version 23 Fact Sheet

Confirmit Horizons provides everything you need to develop feedback programs that will engage your audience, maximize responses, and enable you to share and act upon the data you gather.



Whether you are developing a VoC or VoE program from scratch, or are looking to make the leap to a more holistic approach, Confirmit Horizons enables you to:


  • Design surveys once using Survey Designer’s streamlined, drag-and-drop interface, then launch your surveys through any combination of channels, including web, mobile, tablet, SMS, IVR, telephone, face-to-face, paper and more. 
  • Collect website visitors' feedback in a way that is consistent with your brand image while reducing your reliance on web developers. 
  • Leverage state-of-the-art analytics to uncover new insights from the wealth of structured and unstructured data. 
  • Analyze, report on, and share results according to roles and hierarchies in a range of formats to ensure you meet the needs of all the individuals in your organization. 
  • Quickly close the loop with dissatisfied customers leveraging powerful Action Management that provides fast access and efficient management of your cases.



What are the benefits of this latest release?

Confirmit Horizons provides everything you need to develop feedback and research programs that will engage your audience, maximize responses, and enable you to share and take action on the insights you gather.

Confirmit Horizons drives productivity and delivers a high-quality user experience, allowing you to achieve exceptional levels of efficiency while delivering cutting-edge insights. You can:

Richer Insights

  • Enhance your organizational hierarchies with additional data columns, edit employee demographics from the Hierarchy Management tool and deploy surveys to the right people, fast leveraging the new Hierarchy Management survey respondent upload feature
  • Design powerful and engaging surveys using Survey Designer’s streamlined, drag-and-drop interface, which now includes many new features for quotas, translations, secondary surveys, dynamic page triggers and more
  • Provide respondents with a stellar mobile survey experience using our new responsive survey layouts 
  • Allow respondents to provide higher quality responses and greater detail with rich media capture, device variable support and kiosk mode support in Confirmit AskMe and CAPI
  • Streamline CATI operations with new review and edit features for easier quality control, advanced quota management, enhanced productivity reports, and multiple dialer support with CATI load balancing
  • Drive higher quality open-ended responses with the new Dynamic Open Text question type which automatically identifies important key words and phrases then prompts the respondent to provide additional detail
  • Uncover deeper, more meaningful insights in free-form text with our enhanced sentiment engine for Confirmit Genius, our on-platform text analytics solution

Smarter Decisions

  • Easily build categorization models for Confirmit Genius leveraging powerful enhancements to Model Builder 
  • Quickly configure sophisticated analysis views with the new text analytics reporting template in Reportal, and interactively explore data within Active Dashboards by including Discovery Analytics widgets, including the new text analytics widget

Faster Reactions

  • Drive cross-functional CX engagement by sharing feedback with your team through Salesforce. Our easy-to-use CRM Connector and Salesforce AppExchange app make it a breeze to configure and maintain integrations between Confirmit Horizons and Salesforce 
  • Be more proactive with Action Management by setting pre and post overdue reminders, so case owners are alerted before a case becomes overdue or after it becomes long overdue
  • Provide your team with easy access to our case management solution, Confirmit Action Management, leveraging our new app, Confirmit Go, which can be fully customer-branded
  • Enjoy streamlined integration through technology and services from Confirmit’s new partners, LivingLens for video analysis, Virtual Incentives for incentive management, and Infobip for survey delivery via SMS

Download the factsheet to learn more.

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