Technology for Corporate Research: Instant Access to Accurate Insight

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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Technology for Corporate Research , Corporate Market Research is the bedrock of successful decision-making across the business.

Corporate Market Research is the bedrock of successful decision-making across the business.



Outsourcing the data collection process is an option, but this can slow things down and lead to inconsistencies in data – which will undermine trust in the insight you provide.

Confirmit provides easy-to-use, powerful and flexible solutions to make sure you remain the go-to team for business-critical insight for your organization. Our end-to-end technology will enable you to run feedback and research programs that increase revenue, reduce costs, and drive company, brand, and product improvements.





Richer Insights

There is more to insight that just collecting data. Confirmit’s solutions help you collect and connect data to generate actionable insight.

  • Our multi-channel data collection will help you to create consistent surveys that you can share directly – or via panel partners – via email, app, SMS, or telephone. And everything will look great on mobile too.
  • You can make changes to surveys whenever you need to, and can easily identify and remove straight liners, duplicates and speeders to maintain trust in your data.
  • Integrate research with other business data to add context and reduce unnecessary data collection to reduce costs and maintain response rates.
  • Use advanced techniques, such as text analytics and emotion recognition to really understand what your audience is thinking.
  • Create a direct link between regional survey results and sales data, understanding the relationship between feedback and business performance.


Smarter Decisions

Once you’ve collected the data you need, it’s time to think about what’s next. To drive decision-making, you must get your insights into the hands of people who can use it to make better decisions.

  • You can provide teams with instant access to results to draw their own conclusions and produce reports.
  • Use role-based, real-time reporting to give people access to what they need, when they need it. No old data, no irrelevant data.
  • Review partially completed surveys to discover the insight that is typically withheld.


Faster Actions

Once people have the insight they need to make the right decision, they need to act quickly. Confirmit’s solutions not only ensure this action takes place, but to monitor results as well.

  • Confirmit Action Management watches the results for you, assigns issues, notifies the correct department or individual, and allows you to report on the company’s case load and ROI.
  • Alerts help Confirmit’s customers increase revenue, drive culture change and reduce costs.

To succeed in this consumer-empowered environment, you need to engage consumers to uncover competitor activities, new opportunities to improve loyalty, enhance products, and test marketing campaigns.


Use Case

A leading drinks producer used over 20 external MR agencies to outsource their survey creation and data collection.
They discovered surveys were not being faithfully transcribed and formatting was inconsistent. This lead to variations in the questionnaire responses, mistrust of the results, delays. All unacceptable in a fast-paced industry.
The company used Confirmit Horizons to bring the survey creation and analysis in house. They now design sophisticated surveys to their exact requirements and pass an open link to the marketing research agencies to distribute it to their panelists.
This company sets quotas for each panel provider and provides a real time report on their progress against these quotas.

As a result the company has:

  • Consistent, high quality surveys that deliver trusted insight across the company
  • Instant access to results to draw their own conclusions and produce reports
  • Ability to change questionnaire in real time
  • Reduced costs by creating a single survey that is shared by multiple agencies instead of having multiple agencies each designing their own version
  • Better understanding of the market and their customers