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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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Confirmit Genius Social Analytics Fact Sheet

Confirmit helps businesses listen, analyze, and act on social media feedback from employees, consumers, and the wider market so you can get Richer insights to support Smarter decisions and take action Faster.



Genius Social Analytics helps you listen to unsolicited social media feedback from consumers, markets, and employees to better understand their opinions about your company, brands, products, and trends that  impact your business. In this way, you can gain insight into consumer and employee wants, needs, and behaviors that can help you improve your Employee and Customer Experience while driving your business goals.

How Can Genius Social Analytics Help My Business?

Genius Social Analytics can help you integrate social feedback from the three main types of social analytics:

  • Social Reputation - Online reviews not only serve to support (or derail) sales, they are also an important source of feedback, detailing opportunities where your business can improve and highlighting strengths you can leverage
  • Social Listening - The social media universe is a big place and your brand might be mentioned just about anywhere.
  • Social Engagement - More than ever before, consumers are commenting on company’s social media accounts with recommendations, complaints, and even support requests. And best-in-class companies respond, engaging consumers in conversation. These conversations can also be monitored to ensure your team is providing the highest quality service possible.

The quantity of data from Social Reviews, Social Listening, and Social Engagement channels can be overwhelming, making it almost impossible to manage manually. With Confirmit, the feedback drawn from all of your preferred social channels is pulled together to facilitate a comprehensive analysis.

Confirmit Genius Text Analytics, our advanced Text Analytics platform, uses the latest Machine Learning technology to help you draw meaning from all of that unstructured social media content. 

To do this, Genius rapidly organizes the comments into categories tailored to your business needs and assesses the sentiment behind each comment. In this way, you gain access to near real-time insight into consumer, employee, and market sentiment by category. From there, you can drill down to learn more detail or view specific comments.

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