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Confirmit Team

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In customer feedback or research programs, most participants always have their mobile phone with them, so they can provide feedback at scale in a cost-effective way. This can happen even in situations when they would traditionally be considered “offline”, such as when there is no data connection due to poor signal strength or data roaming constraints.


Sometimes less is more. Short SMS surveys create an engaging and efficient channel to measure customer experiences. You can invite your customers, panellists or employees in a way that is simple and convenient for them, and get feedback with greater accuracy because you are engaging them immediately after the experience took place. For organisations running Market Research, Voice of the Customer or Employee Engagement programmes, SMS surveys can be a powerful complement to emailing survey reminders. They are also ideal for collecting feedback from customers who have only provided their mobile number as their point of contact.

The Confirmit / Infobip Combination

To support our customers’ need to send and receive international SMS messages, Confirmit has partnered with Infobip, a world leader in mobile messaging.

Infobip brings international SMS coverage to your feedback programs, covering 800 mobile networks in 190 countries with 50+ offices worldwide. Infobip has integrated its SMS technology with Confirmit’s SMS Flex extension so that organisations can easily send SMS survey invites as well as receive SMS survey responses, for both MR and VoC/VoE programs. Infobip and Confirmit’s SMS Flex extension provides a streamlined and efficient process to design and deploy SMS survey invites.

You can use personalised short URLs with the Infobip / Confirmit integration by using any of the following combinations:

  • One-way SMS survey: The participant receives an SMS message with a short URL link to an online mobile web survey
  • Two-way SMS survey: The participant receives an SMS message question and answers by replying directly with an SMS message
  • A combination of one-way and two-way SMS surveys: The participant has the option of clicking on the short URL link to complete the online mobile web survey, or to answer the survey by replying with an SMS message
  • Keyword Surveys: SMS surveys initiated by participants sending a keyword from his/her mobile phone

You can enhance any MR, Voice of the Customer or Employee Engagement program by adding SMS survey invites and reminders. If you wish, the SMS invites can contain your brand name as the “sender” to provide a more personal feel. Branded SMS survey invitations can reach the participant’s phone right after the interaction has taken place at work, home or when they are shopping.