Increase Accuracy and Confidence in Your Feedback Data

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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The quality of online feedback data can be a major concern for Market Research, Customer Experience and Voice of the Employee programs who rely on such data to make business decisions.



Critical questions about data quality, however, have been difficult to answer. Can survey results be affected by a small percentage of “bad respondents” who provide unreliable responses? Can the risk posed by bad respondents be mitigated by increasing the sample size? How can data quality be preserved when using multiple panel sources?

When it comes to feedback surveys, your data needs to be as accurate as possible. You can now easily use technology at the beginning of your survey to help you prevent duplicate survey entries or fraudulent participants giving dubious response data.

How can the Integration of Confirmit and Imperium Help my Business?

The partnership between Confirmit and Imperium addresses the need for organisations to maximize data quality and protect against fraud. Imperium’s RelevantID technology can be used at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of a survey to ensure maximum coverage at all times. You simply add the Imperium validation step into your survey and link to your Imperium account. Then you can design the survey to use the Imperium data when deciding how to manage survey respondents. Imperium's integration with Confirmit is compatible with any sample source, and all data is available for real-time reporting. Imperium technology can also create a custom configuration customized to your systems and procedures.


The Confirmit / Imperium Benefits

  • Confirm in real time that each participant is unique
  • Execute checks silently in the background with no impact on the user experience
  • Reduce the effort of data cleaning
  • Increase overall feedback data quality
  • Reduce the wasted cost from duplicate or fraudulent survey responses
  • Route or qualify out participants based on the participant’s location