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Confirmit Team

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The Horizons platform is extremely powerful with a wide variety of features and functionalities for survey authoring, data management, and reporting. Optional modules and features can also be enabled to enhance the core platform, providing additional functionalities.

 For example, optional modules and features include, but are not limited to: Action Management, Active Dashboards, CAPI, CATI, Discovery Analytics, Genius Text Analytics, Hierarchy Management, Instant Analytics, Model Builder, Panel Management, and Translation Module.

 Within the terms of your contract, your users’ access to Horizons, with all its licensed and optional modules, its system features, and its data, is governed by each user’s assigned User Role and the permissions allocated to each user. User Roles refer to a set or group of privileges that can be granted to one or multiple users who require common system accesses and permissions. A User Role must be assigned to every person who will be accessing Confirmit Horizons for any reason. Unless otherwise indicated, the system administrator is able to further tailor specific permissions within the constraints of the assigned User Role for each system user.

 This guide provides a high-level overview, indicating the maximum permissions that each User Role can have, understanding that the users’ actual permissions may vary based on your contract and/or the permissions granted by your designated system administrator.


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