What is Confirmit e-learning and the Confirmit's Learning Management System (LMS)?

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Confirmit Team

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Confirmit Learning Plaftform or Confirmit LMS learning System

What is e-learning and what is a Learning Management System (or LMS)?

E-Learning is self-paced, on-demand online learning content that customers can consume from anywhere with an Internet connection. Courses can be taken using a desktop or a mobile device, such as a tablet. An LMS is the platform that hosts that e-learning content. Customers are able to log in, browse for e-learning content and consume it on the LMS. The LMS tracks their progress throughout each lesson and is also able to track completion rates. Confirmit Learning Academy provides e-learning courses covering a variety of topics via our LMS. The e-learning courses help you and your team to learn about Confirmit’s software anywhere, anytime - minimizing scheduling confusion, geographic challenges, and downtime



What types of courses are available on the LMS?

Confirmit’s e-learning is an excellent complement to the instructor-led Learning Academy courses, providing beginners with the tools they need to get started designing surveys or exploring their data. Experienced users will benefit from rapid and convenient training for new products and features. The e-learning system is constantly being expanded and includes e-learning courses such as:

  • Confirmit VoC programme
  • Active Dashboards
  • Action Management
  • CRM Connector for Salesforce
  • Instant Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Panel
  • Survey Designer
  • SmartHub
  • Reportal
  • Discovery Analytics
  • Active Dashboards
  • Model Builder

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